Get To Know The Jewelers Center – Virtually!

Jewelers Center Blade Sign
Announcing The Jewelers Center’s Virtual Tour Experience
The Jewelers Center has been a staple of Chicago jewelry needs since 1921. Many generations are very familiar with the marbled halls of The Jewelers Center, but to many millennials, The Jewelers Center is a bit of a mystery. They recognize the large neon blade sign affixed to the side of our building, and know that we sit in the middle of the historic Jewelers Row on Wabash. But the same question seems to arise, “Am I allowed to go in there?”. The answer is a resounding “YES!”.

We know that our revolving doors open to a friendly concierge willing to provide guidance, but we also know that the millennial generation relies on their internet connection to become connected to the world around them. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our virtual tours. We want you to become familiar with The Jewelers Center and all we have to offer. We invite you inside our building and into the showrooms and offices of our extraordinarily talented jewelers via the virtual tour below.

Whether you’re looking for a skilled jeweler able to design your bride-to-be her dream engagement ring, or you’re in the market for a diamond, or perhaps you need a repair on your favorite piece of jewelry or a new watch battery, or even if you are a jewelry designer looking for jewelry supplies or to have someone manufacture your pieces for you, The Jewelers Center is for you!

No matter what type of jewelry store you’re looking for, we have it…from high end boutique jewelry showrooms to individual bench jewelers and everything in between.

We welcome you inside our doors both virtually and irl (in real life, for those of you wondering) and we know that once you’ve found a jeweler you feel comfortable working with at The Jewelers Center, you’ll never have to go anywhere else.

Please take a tour of our building below.

The tour will automatically cycle through all of the areas in our building, but you can control it yourself. If you would like to listen to music while you tour, be sure to click the sound icon button in the upper right hand corner of the image below (it looks like a little speaker with soundwaves coming out of it).

To Look Around: Click and drag your mouse inside of the image below.

To Walk Around: Click any white arrow you see in the tour…they indicate that you can move through the space in that direction.

Navigation Menu: Click on any of the items on the menu to jump to that area of The Jewelers Center. To view select individual jewelers’ stores, use the menu item “Jewelers’ Tours” and select the jewelers you would like to visit.

Press inquiries please go to our Contact page

The Jewelers Center is home to more than 180 fine jewelers.