Choosing a Ring

When you’re looking for the perfect ring, it’s easy to be swayed by how pretty it looks in the jeweler’s display case. While that is certainly important, you should consider whether the ring is comfortable, well crafted, flattering to your hand and suitable for your needs. Also remember that it is a long-term investment. When choosing a style, ask yourself if you will still love it in ten or twenty years.

The following questions may help you when selecting your ring.

Is it flattering?
Be sure the ring is flattering to your hand and finger size. For example, if you have a small hand and short fingers, a huge, broad ring can make your fingers look too short and your hand too small. To make your fingers look longer, you might choose a mounting with stones arranged across or down the length of your finger. The key is to choose a ring size that is best proportioned and looks best on your hand.

Does it suit my needs?
Whether you are looking for an everyday ring or one for special occasions, here are some important things to consider:

  1. Does the mounting have points or sharp edges that could cut you, or damage your clothing or furniture?
  2. Is the ring easy to clean? This is especially important if you are looking for a ring for everyday wear.
  3. If you will be wearing gloves, can you slip them on and off without damaging your ring or ripping your gloves?
  4. Does the ring blend in well with your other jewelry (if you plan to wear them together)?
  5. Can the ring be sized easily?
  6. Does the ring stay in an attractive position when your hand moves? This can be affected by the mounting or sizing on the ring.
  7. Does your jewelry tend to show a lot of scratches? If so, you may want to consider a ring with a matte or brushed finish.
  8. Does the ring look attractive from more than one angle? Remember, you don’t just view your ring from the top.
  9. Does the mounting style protect the center stone? This is especially important for everyday rings.

Is it comfortable?

  1. Can you bend your fingers easily when wearing the ring? If you like the look of a broad ring, select a band that tapers to a narrow bottom so you can bend your finger freely.
  2. Is the ring too tight or too loose?
  3. Does the ring feel rough and scratchy? If so, it can usually be smoothed down by polishing.

Is it well crafted?

  1. Are the stone(s) set securely?
  2. Does the inside of the ring look smooth and clean? Well-made pieces do not have rough finishes and jagged edges that can scratch you.

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