Ruby – The King of Gems

RubiesRubies are considered to be one of the four precious stones, the others being diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. But did you know that rubies are actually made of the same basic material as sapphires? The mineral corundum is responsible for creating two of our most cherished precious stones; it’s merely the color that differentiates them. Any hue of red and you’ve got a ruby on your hands…and any other color of corundum means you’ve got a sapphire. The deep, luscious red hues found in Rubies is due to the presence of the element chromium.

Not only are rubies one of the hardest gemstone (second only to diamonds), they are very rare, and perhaps because of their deep, vibrant red hues, have been considered to carry seemingly mystical powers throughout the ages. To ancient cultures, the ruby was revered as the most powerful stone. It was used as a talisman for success in life, love, health, wealth and war. No wonder kings and warriors used rubies to decorate their crowns and themselves in order to be protected from misfortune and danger.

If you’re lucky enough to be born in July, the ruby is your birthstone. Perhaps it’s time to adorn yourself with this precious gemstone and feel it’s power.Ruby

When looking to buy any ruby, be sure to look for rubies with a good amount of faceting on them (such as mixed cut ovals and cushions). Such faceting serves to highlight the red hues best. 

Our jewelers here in The Jewelers Center carry an impressive stock of lovely ruby jewelry as well as loose ruby gemstones so that you can have the perfect piece of jewelry created for you right inside our building!

Here is a link to the ruby jewelry on our website. But be sure to visit our jewelers in person as our website is constantly growing and only shows a small selection of what’s actually possible.

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